I'm so happy to be able to offer my customers OOAK designs of Kimberly Arnold's newest BJD - Olivia - offered in two 'skin tones'.

Kimberley Arnold - The Trinket Box

What can I say , I Love Dolls !! Way back in the 80's I used to teach porcelain doll making and began to sew outfits for the baby dolls..most of them were for my customers that took my classes. Teaching the art of doll making was very rewarding and I loved to have fun along side each of my students. I decided after 5 years that I wanted to explore working outside the home and I did have a few good jobs but just felt lost because I was not using my creative energy as I was so used to before. My daughter introduced me to ebay in 2004 and I explored the world of reborn dolls and decided to begin sewing again for these beautiful baby dolls..then in 2005 I was excited to find the Himstedt dolls..oh how I loved them so much and I am sure I had collected about 20 Himstedt dolls and was ever excited to design unique clothing for them until Annette decided to close her factory down..things slowed in the market as far as making outfits for her dolls and I felt lost until a good customer whispered BJD's in my ear. Again I went exploring to find out what I could about ball jointed dolls and it wasn't until someone on a forum posted a picture of a Kaye Wiggs doll that I felt love for a BJD. My first bjd was Nyssa By Kaye Wiggs and so my journey began in designing outfits and then about a year later I decided to try wig making and anything else that my over active mind could think of.

I make my home in a very small Southwestern Ontario Canadian town that borders right along side the beautiful state of Michigan..love cross border shopping !! I have been happily married to my husband Ron for 30 years in October ( WOW ) Ron & I have 4 English Setters that drive us crazy but we love them to bits. I am very active with animal rescue and love to donate towards this cause.

All my life I dreamed that one day I would design my very own dolls..I mean how hard could that be ? Well I truly found out the ups and downs of sculpting and designing a ball jointed doll..wow was I in the for the ride of my life. It has taken me over a year..tons of reading and many mistakes and I am still learning as I go along..but out of all the blood , sweat and tears..My Flower is now in bloom.. I want to share in the joy my Elf Flower..my very first 18 inch BJD MSD Size. I am more than thrilled on how she has blossomed with her adorable elf ears to her cute heart shaped bottom.


Below are photos of Kim's latest creation "Olivia" - 18"
Olivia has a new body style.

Click on the thumnails below to see new BJD body style & larger photos of the dolls. There are four of them - as full sets - on the way to me. Two are white resin and two are natural color resin.

Olivia Natural - A

Olivia Natural - B

Olivia White - A

Olivia White - B

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