Cristy grew up surrounded by fashion and fabrics. Her mother owned a fabric store and also created custom clothing. Cristy learned how to sew by watching over her mother 's shoulder, and she was making doll clothing on a sewing machine at age six. By seven, she had received her first sewing machine. Except for a stint sewing bridesmaid dresses in her twenties, Cristy has sewn fashions for dolls all her creative life.

“ I sold clothing for the BJD's way before I ever started taking face-ups commissions. I did my own face-ups and for friends, but felt uncomfortable in the beginning handling the BJD's because of their price.” Cristy is one of the few face-up artists who uses airbrushes on the dolls. “ I used acrylics until I got into the BJD's and was totally fascinated by an airbrush after looking at dolls on Yahoo Japan that had faceups done with an airbrush. I did some research, bought one, and am self taught. I practiced every day for 8 months doing face-ups on my dolls and for friends before I felt comfortable charging anyone.”

“Painting with an airbrush is quite different than using pastels, acrylics, and brushes. An airbrush uses hand/eye coordination and it takes a lot of practice to get the color in the spot you want it.”

Cristy has done some absolutely amazing transformations for me and my customers and has just finished the six pictured below.


Enjoy these beautiful TRANSFORMATIONS. Click on the thumnails to see large photos and detailed descriptions of the dolls.

Kaye Wiggs SD Laycee - SOLD

Kaye Wiggs MSD Laycee - SOLD

Kaye Wiggs MSD Laycee - SOLD

Kaye Wiggs Thistle - SOLD

Kaye Wiggs SD Laycee - SOLD

Muse Doll Ceil - SOLD

Retired D.I.M. - SOLD

Dollstown Ariel - SOLD

Iplehouse Cocori - SOLD

Retired D.I.M.- SOLD

Dollstown Yeondu - SOLD

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