Part of the charm in collecting ball jointed dolls is that the collector has the opportunity to personalize their dolls - more than any other type of doll. They can change the eyes - the wigs - the face ups - the hands, feet, and so on. They can take a doll that's an open edition and make her a true one of a kind creation. The seasoned collector of BJDs has known and done this for many years.

As artists come - and then unfortunately go - collectors search for dolls to fill the void left by their favorite artists no longer producing their beloved dolls. From what I am seeing in this market - more and more collectors are gravitating toward BJDs. Some of these new collectors love the idea of personalizing their BJDs - while others prefer to collect a 'completed' doll.

These pages are dedicated to collectors that like 'customized' and completed dolls. The dolls offered - and shown here - will be one of a kind designs. Face ups will be done by some of the most popular and respected face up artists. Outfits will be made by designers like Connie Lowe, Cristy Stone, Val Zeitler.

As I get in customized dolls - I'll post them onto these pages. So check back when you can - and if you see something you'd like to add to your collection - do contact me.


Enjoy these beautiful creations. Click on the thumnails to see large photos and detailed descriptions of the dolls.

Dollstown Amy

Kim Lasher Ava

Dollstown Estella

OOAK Lasher Eden

OOAK Lasher Eryka

Soul Doll Aurora

IMPL Lauretta

Soul Doll Hye

Soul Doll Irene

OOAK Impl Camille

OOAK Lavendar

OOAK Fantasia


Rhea - DT


Layla 3

Natassa - SOOM

Poppy - Kaye Wiggs

OOAK Muse Design

Seola - DT


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