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Hats for Little Characters - 2016 COLLECTION

Here is what Heidi says about her new collection.

Dear Doll Friends,

After weeks and months a new group of little characters came into being and therefore a new collection. This time my little ones decided to find matching hats for their outfits at a Milliners.

Conny a shy and gentle little girl, finally got the courage to just dress herself with lots of colour. This caused her just taking a simple hat which goes well with her roses printed dress. Ezabella is a little bit bolder and much more encouraged with her new red hat with a wide brim and feels completely happy with it. The nosy Iffi , firstly not willing to wear a hat, was tempted by these many different hat designs to try a white felt hat with flowers because it matches her outfit very well. The well behaved Ninette of course has chosen a very conservative hat for her smoked rose print dress. She finds that she can go very well with her best girlfriend Peppina who has rather the same taste. For Zoe it is very difficult, as she doesnt want to part with her hairdo which does not allow for a hat. After searching a long time she finds a broad felt hair-band, richly decorated with felt flowers. Isabelle, my this years 21 doll wears a straw hat with light blue paper flowers fitting to her batik dress. Abigail, my new 32 design, had chosen for the coming horse-racing season a headdress adorned with big felt flowers and tulle, while at the same time her girlfriend Fernanda selected a beret, because she loves the big pink pompon on it.

Enjoy the new catalogue which will be the last one. I hope that you understand that I have decided to stop creating new collections after my 70th birthday, which will be in 2016.

I am looking forward to creating small editions of only ten dolls every month for my dealers and collectors to be presented on my web site and on FaceBook. I invite you to stay in touch with me sharing the love for dolls in the future as well as we did in the past.

I am Sincerely yours! Heidi Plusczok

Click on small photos below to go to descriptions & prices.

Abigail - 32"

Fernanda - 32"

Isabelle - 21.5"

Conny - 10.5"

Ezabella - 10.5"

Iffi - 10.5"

Ninette - 10.5"

Peppina - 10.5"

Zoe - 10.5"

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