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Dear friends of my dolls,

In the arts, the pursuit of beauty is the goal of human creativity.
Beauty holds an attractive creative power. During all those years
of my work, the pleasure deriving from this pursuit has always
been my driving force.

This year I tried to design the various characters of my collection
As different as possible. So you will find a scene from a
Fairy-tale as well as a completely real image of Little Prince
Charming. Among my dolls you will come across lively, friendly,
Contemplative and quiet characters.

I have always been fascinated by Grimmís fairytales. This time
I contraste little adolescent Snow White from my 2010 collection
with the young, almost grown-up, graceful Princess.

Another specialty in 2016 is that I present two dolls of former
Years in a new outfit. Only few copies of the limited editions
Of Siobhan and Dornroschen are available. I have had much
pleasure in giving a completely new identity to these two dolls.

For the first time you have the opportunity to purchase my resin
Doll collection also in a small limited porcelain edition in
2016. The pictures posted show the porcelain versions because
the dolls in resin had not yet been available at the time of
photograph or printing. But the porcelain dolls shall already
give you an impression of the soon to be resin doll line.

Each of this yearís dolls has its own special charisma.
Beauty, aesthetics, shape, color and materials constitute
the designís prerequisite. All these components have to
form a symbiosis.

I hope that also this year I succeeded in doing so and that
you like my Collection 2016.

Dolls available via Special Order. $1,000 DEPOSIT TO ORDER A DOLL.

Snow White








Dolls below are available in Porcelain OR Resin.



Prince Charming

Lisa Marie


The pictures are from the catalogue and are intended to provide a general guide to the concept of this year`s collection. You are asked to note that Hildegard's ability to provide the fabrics shown in the photographs can be affected by the availability of material from her suppliers. While it is her policy to make every effort to keep changes to a minimum, the company does reserve the right to vary, at their own discretion, colors, fabrics, trimmings and the design of accessories without prior notice. This policy has been in effect for many years.

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