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We are proud to bring you photos of Annette's wonderful 2008 collection.

Welcome to the Winter Kinder - the first of three smaller collections that Annette will release in 2008. Modeling exotic dolls has always been a passion of Annette and developing new painting techniques, especially for the dark skin tones, is an eagerly awaited challenge for her.

She has never before painted dolls' faces as elaborately as in this collection. These dolls don't only look as though they're made of porcelain - no - they are much better! Annette says she would never be able to work on porcelain in the same way. She says further that her porcelain dolls were never as complex and elaborate as her vinyl dolls now are. She has modelled ten dolls for the Winter Kinder (and of course the two Club Minis - or four to be precise). Each doll has a different skin tone. They are labeled WKG1 for the lightest to WKG10 for the darkest tone. WK stands for 'Winter Kinder' and G is the letter for 2008. These are the base colors for the vinyl. But only the paint applied to each vinyl part brings them to life.

The limbs are sprayed with three different colors - one after the other. She mixes each of the paints together, using about 8 or 9 different colors. The limbs have never before been treated with so much detail.

Below are some group photos of the dolls in this wonderful collection. At the bottom of this page you can go to the individual photos and information about each of the dolls.

Anna Lu - Reki - Tscharle

Leteti - Setina - Sinami

Inari - Kindra - Nakuma - Milina

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