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 This year Annette has made a small Sommer Kinder collection. Ilvi, Lihle, Milla and Margelie feature the usual upper arm joints. BUT Toki and Shilin, the fully jointed Sommer Kinder, has a special surprise in store for her collectors. She has modelled these two dolls with an additional hip joint. They can twist and bend to the side OR the front OR back. These six dolls are absolutely darling. Each one of them is unique and wears a wonderful outfit to match her personality.   

Here is what Annette tells us about the skin tones: "They are coded SK F1 - SK F4. SK stands for Sommer Kinder - F is the initial for 2007 and the numbers represent the different hews, 1 being the lightest and 4 the darkest. These Sommer Kinder colors have nothing to do with the existing F1 - F5 skin tones. The SK skin colors are all NEW. Also subtle in gradings, but different. "

This is one of the unique things about Annette's dolls. She develops new vinyl colors for all new collections. Even though the grading is very subtle, the effect is noticeable. And the hand-painting technique that she changes for every collection, underline the faces and thus each doll on the whole.

NOTE: We offer free shipping within the Continential United States and a free - wood base - doll stand. We also offer our customers photos of the actual dolls. We provide many views of their dolls - so they can choose - depending upon where they are on our order lists - from several dolls. We have offered these services for many years and will continue to do so.

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Milla - Shilin - Lihle - Ilvi - Toki - Margeli

Ilvi - Shilin - Lihle - Milla - Toki - Margeli

Ilvi - Toki - Lihle

Margeli - Milla - Shilin

2007 Sommer Kinder Collection. We are currently taking orders and offer very liberal layaway terms. Contact us for details.

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